Cygames Server Outage Leaves Multiple Games Inaccessible

Cygames Server Outage Leaves Multiple Games Inaccessible

Cygames Server outage

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Multiple Cygames titles experienced server outages in the afternoon of September 12, 2022, leaving them temporarily inaccessible. The outage was sudden and unplanned, leaving players of high-profile games such as Granblue FantasyUma Musume: Pretty Derby, and Princess Connect Re:Dive unable to connect to servers. The company has since fixed the server issues, providing affected players with various in-game currencies in each game. [Thanks, granblue_en!]

The affected games include Granblue FantasyUma Musume: Pretty DerbyPrincess Connect Re:Dive, iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage, and Rage of Bahamut. Notably, the server outage seemed to also affect players outside of Japan, with the exception of Princess Connect. On the other hand, other games like Shadowverse appeared entirely unaffected. While Granblue Fantasy was inaccessible for only an hour, some games such as Uma Musume and Rage of Bahamut took nearly two hours to resolve the issue.


While the reason behind the server outage remains unclear, it appears that the issue had something to do with the developer's data center. As a result of the outage, "Cygames" shot up to the #1 trending term in Japan, along with Granblue and Princess Connect. Cygames has since apologized for the outage, providing players with free currencies and items such as Valor Badges and Tokens in Granblue Fantasy, as well as Jewels in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

Many users noted that Cygames experienced a similar server outage that occurred around the same time last year. The July 2021 server outage affected the same exact games, rendering them unplayable for nearly five hours.

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