Dragon Quest Treasures Will Have New ‘Special Monsters’

Dragon Quest Treasures Will Have New ‘Special Monsters’

Dragon Quest Treasures Monsters


Square Enix has detailed how players will recruit monsters in Dragon Quest Treasures, including some that are "special monsters" unique to the game. In addition to helping players on the battlefield, each monster also has specific traits or "forte" that will come in handy while traveling. However, the rarer a monster is, the more difficult it will be to recruit.

Dragon Quest Treasures revolves around Dragon Quest XI character Erik and his sister Mia on an adventure to find treasure. After the siblings are transported to the land of Draconia, they enlist the help of the local monster population. Players do so by engaging in combat with the monsters. Once defeated, there is a chance that players will scout the monster. Once they've returned to the base, players can then choose to recruit these scouted monsters.

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However, there are some requirements. Players may need to provide them with food ingredients as a "fee", which depends on the monster. Furthermore, monsters also have ratings from bronze to gold to rainbow, and recruitment difficulty scales based on the rarity of the monster. This may be a good payoff, though, as some monsters can carry more treasure, pick up certain items, and help you get to certain locations.

Finally, some of the monsters in Dragon Quest Treasures will also be "special monsters". Some of these special monsters are new to the Dragon Quest series. They make themselves home to various regions in the game and possess unique features.

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Dragon Quest Treasures will release on the Nintendo Switch on December 9, 2022.

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