Koei Tecmo Will Work on a New Hunting Game With Electronic Arts

Koei Tecmo Will Work on a New Hunting Game With Electronic Arts

New upcoming hunting game from Koei Tecmo Omega Force and Electronic Arts

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Koei Tecmo and Electronic Arts have announced that the companies will work together to develop a new hunting game. Koei Tecmo's Omega Force brand team will develop the AAA-tier game with a fantasy feudal Japanese setting. Electronic Arts will publish it under the EA Originals label.

In the press release, Koei Tecmo Games' executive vice president Yosuke Hayashi noted that Electronic Arts will offer support in both development and publishing. The latter will also help promote the new game with its global resources. This is not the first time Koei Tecmo and Electronic Arts had worked together though, as the latter helped the Japanese company publish the Western releases of the first Samurai Warriors for PlayStation 2 in 2004.

Omega Force had previously made several hunting action games with a feudal Japanese setting, namely the Toukiden series. It first launched Toukiden: The Age of Demons for PlayStation Portable and Vita in June 2013 in Japan and in February 2014 in the West. The team would then release an enhanced edition titled Toukiden Kiwami and a full-fledged sequel taking place on an open-world map. Both Toukiden Kiwami and Toukiden 2 are currently available on PlayStation 4 and PCs.

In 2018, the Toukiden series creator Kenichi Ogasawara revealed his team's desire to produce a Toukiden 3. However, Ogasawara would later move from Omega Force to Kou Shibusawa's team to work on Nobunaga's Ambition: Shinsei. The new press release mentioned that this new game will be an original IP, so it is yet to be known whether the new title will continue the path from the Toukiden series or not.

Koei Tecmo's Japanese press release noted that the companies will reveal more details about this new collaborative game in the latter half of September 2022.

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