New FFXVI Trailer Might Release in October 2022

New FFXVI Trailer Might Release in October 2022

FFXVI Trailer


There was little new word of Final Fantasy XVI to be found at this year's Tokyo Game Show. Not to worry, though: The development team at Square Enix will have more to share in a new FFXVI trailer this fall. That's the word according to Producer Naoki Yoshida, who took to the stage on September 18th at the Japan Game Awards. Yoshida was on hand to accept a Future Division  award on behalf of the team for Final Fantasy XVI.

In his comments, Yoshida said that he hoped to have the next FFXVI trailer out in the Fall of 2022, possibly by October. And after that, he said he also hopes to be able to further clarify the game's release date, which is currently set to a "Summer 2023" window. He said that the team has entered the final phases of overall development (it was "playable start to finish" by June). Visuals are complete, but there's apparently so much left to do in sound that "the sound team complained". Adjustments to Final Fantasy XVI's options are also planned to help accommodate players that aren't fond of action games. He said that the team went to great lengths to ensure that many different play styles are supported by the game so players of different persuasions can enjoy FFXVI.

Yoshida also said that the team has received positive feedback from team members and beta testers, with comments saying that FFXVI is a "roller coaster that doesn't let up."

Final Fantasy XVI is in development for PS5 with a Summer 2023 release window. Check out the other Future Division award winners at this link.

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