The Sabu Family’s Back in the River City Girls 2 Villains Trailer

The Sabu Family’s Back in the River City Girls 2 Villains Trailer

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Sabuko, the sword-wielding final boss of River City Girls, isn't one to take defeat lying down. She's back in River City Girls 2, and she's bringing the rest of the family with her. Wayforward uploaded a new "villains" trailer for the game on Friday. It teases some new story and character moments, as well as the series' trademark brawling action.

Check it out below.


Sabuko is the daughter of longtime Kunio-kun series heavy Sabu. Sabu's broken out of jail to take matters into his own hands after Sabuko's thrashing at the hands of protagonists Misako and Kyoko. Now with Ken, Sabu's son and Sabuko's brother, the trio will retake the streets if Misako, Kyoko, and their allies don't do something about it. These allies include two new playable characters.

As in the first game River City Girls 2 will see Misako and Kyoko's boyfriends Kunio and Riki (the original stars of the mainline Kunio-kun games) join the fray. Besides them, however, are Marian and Provie. Marian is the lead heroine of Double Dragon, girlfriend of that game's protagonist Billy Lee. She cameoed in the first game as a shopkeeper. This time around, though, she's taken up a pair of knuckle dusters, discarding her damsel-in-distress role to jump into the melee. Meanwhile Provie travels in from 2017's River City Ransom: Underground, bringing her breakdancing-inspired fighting style. The new characters can get a workout in another new feature for the sequel: 4-player co-op support.

River City Girls 2 releases on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC later in 2022. River City Girls Zero launches on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC (it's already on Switch) on September 22, 2022. The director of the original River City Ransom, Mitsuhiro Yoshida, died on August 30, 2022.

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