Toem Will Add Basto Region as Free Update

Toem Will Add Basto Region as Free Update

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Ready your cameras, because the Basto region will be available soon for free in Toem. To access it, you need to finish the base game and then talk to Nana in Homelanda. The Basto region is “Toem’s biggest region yet.” Aside from taking photos and talking to its residents, you can hunt for treasure, play minigames, and listen to spooky stories.


According to Niklas Mikkelsen, the CEO of Something We Made, the development team put unused ideas from the base game into Basto. There will also be new quests to finish, and new NPCs and critters to find. He states that it will be around an hour or two of playtime, though this number can change depending on how long you spend on exploring.

A new attachment for your camera will also be available in Basto. The Water Popper attachment will allow you to shoot out water balloons. This will help you to advance through the regions. You can also use water balloons on items in the environment, such as bushes.

Toem is one of the PlayStation Plus Essential games for the PS5, and it is also available on other platforms. It first came out in 2021, and is a hand-drawn adventure game in which you use photography to explore Toem and help its NPCs. It won in the Best Debut Game category during the 18th British Academy Games Awards in 2022.

Toem is available on PS5, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch, with the Basto region available some time in the near future as a free update.

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