Hololive Songs Will Appear in Jubeat, Konami’s Rhythm Game

Hololive Songs Will Appear in Jubeat, Konami’s Rhythm Game

Shirakami Fubuki performed her Hololive song KingWorld on Jubeat

Several songs performed by Hololive VTubers will appear in Jubeat. Shirakami Fubuki made the announcement at her 2022 birthday stream. A Jubeat cabinet appeared in the VTuber's 3D stream for the first time.

After playing several of the game's original tracks, Fubuki revealed that Konami made a special build for this presentation. The latter included several Hololive songs in this cabinet, and Fubuki went on to showcase some of the tracks. The VTuber later announced that these songs will also appear in both arcade and mobile versions of the rhythm game.

Here is the list of six Hololive songs that will be available in Jubeat. Also, note that Shirakami Fubuki is present in all six songs mentioned below.

  1. "KingWorld" (Fubuki's solo song)
  2. "Say! Fanfare!" (Fubuki's solo song)
  3. "Wakuwaku Everyday" (duet with Ookami Mio)
  4. "Happiness World" (duet with Houshou Marine)
  5. "OniKemoDance" (trio with Ookami Mio and Nakiri Ayame)
  6. "Let's Go Bakataration" (trio with Tsunomaki Watame and Shiranui Flare)

6 Hololive songs appearing in Jubeat

The person behind Shirakami Fubuki has been known to be an avid Jubeat player long before Cover secured a collaboration with Konami. The appearance of a Jubeat cabinet in Fubuki's birthday 3D stream and the addition of her songs to the rhythm game also constitute birthday gifts that fulfill her dreams.

In recent months, Konami has also been working with Toby Fox of Undertale fame. Tracks from the Undertale game have appeared in at least three Bemani titles, namely Dance Dance RevolutionSound Voltex, and Gitadora. Toby Fox also collaborated with Camellia to compose a new track titled "Summerblue" for Beatmania IIDX 30 Resident.

Jubeat is available on arcades, iOS, and Android devices in Japan. The latest arcade version available as of this writing is Jubeat Ave.

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