Return to Silent Hill Live-Action Film is in Production

Return to Silent Hill Live-Action Film is in Production

Return to Silent Hill

A third live-action film adaptation of Silent Hill is coming, and it's coming from Christophe Gans, who directed the first Silent Hill movie. It's called Return to Silent Hill, and was announced alongside a remake of Silent Hill 2 during Konami's Silent Hill Transmission livestream event.

Konami aired a featurette to promote the Return to Silent Hill movie, featuring Gans himself and producer Victor Hadida.


The featurette was light on concrete details, but it seems that Return to Silent Hill will take its main inspiration from Silent Hill 2. It'll also feature a man finding his wife, named Mary, in the iconic town. Gans spoke of the challenges of adapting "the language of the game" to the needs of cinematic storytelling. Though it's the third Silent Hill movie, it appears to be more connected to the first film than Silent Hill: Revelations, which was not directed by Gans. Gans also mentioned that Pyramid Head will make an appearance in the movie, but also that other familiar monsters will show up and make a "new impact".

Gans and Hadida also showed off concept art and snippets of storyboards from the film, and spoke on how they want to keep the story and "respect" at the core of the film, even as they acknowledge that "everything has changed" in the intervening 15 years. As such, "bringing something new" is part of the goal.

Return to Silent Hill is in production, but does not have a premiere date. A game remake of Silent Hill 2 was also announced.

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