SuperGroupies to Release Secret of Mana Accessories

SuperGroupies to Release Secret of Mana Accessories

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SuperGroupies has opened up pre-orders for Secret of Mana-themed accessories. Pre-orders close on October 24, 2022. In total, there are three items that are part of this collaboration: a bag, a watch, and a wallet. The watch will come out in late April 2023, while the bag and wallet will come out in mid-February 2023. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

The watch’s face has a Tree of Mana design on it. There is a see-through display near where the 12 is, and it swaps through the Mana Spirits every day. It will cycle through Wisp, Salamander, Gnome, Jinn, Shade, Luna, Undine, and Dryad. As well, the numbers for the hours are outside of the design, which means that you get a fairly clear look at the Tree of Mana. The watch costs 25,300 JPY, which is approximately $175.10.

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While the watch’s band uses authentic leather, the bag is made of synthetic leather. It is “both fashionable and functional,” according to SuperGroupies’s website. There is a Flammie design on the bag. While the outside of the bag is fairly discreet, the inside pockets have Secret of Mana-themed patterns. The side pockets depict the Mana Spirits, while the interior looks like the Mana Tree, or the cover of the original game.. The bag costs 17,600 JPY, which is around $121.80.

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Lastly, the wallet has a Flammie on the front as well, and there is a Flammie Drum on the zipper. Like the backpack, the design inside the coin compartment looks like the Tree of Mana and the cover art of the original game. The wallet costs 14,300 JPY, or $99.

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The Secret of Mana items from SuperGroupies are available from the SuperGroupies website. International customers can order from the website. The Secret of Mana remake is available for the PS4, PS Vita, and Windows PC. The classic version of the game is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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