Fire Emblem Heroes Askr Ambience Eir Video is Peaceful

Fire Emblem Heroes Askr Ambience Eir Video is Peaceful

fire emblem heroes askr eir

Nintendo released a video just over thirty minuets long of "Askr Ambience." Like an ASMR video, the video features the quiet sounds of sleeping, the babbling of a brook, the singing of the birds, and more. Though the video is thirty minutes long, it encompasses an entire day for Eir, who is relaxing with her friends from Fire Emblem Heroes.

You can watch the Fire Emblem: Heroes "Askr Ambience - A Day With Eir" video here:


In the video, chibi versions of the characters appear as 3D sprites as they wander around and go about their day. Though the video’s title focuses on Eir, plenty of other characters make cameo appearances. Alfonse, Sharena, Marth, and Xander are just a few examples. Though the description for the video suggests that you can put it on in the background while working, it features lots of scenes of the characters interacting and having fun as well.

Eir was a major character in Book III of the Fire Emblem Heroes story. As a playable unit, there are three variations of her. They are Merciful Death, Renewed Life, and Life Ascendant. All three versions have different stats, skills, and weapon types. Life Ascendant is the only one who is a Cavalry unit, as the other two are Fliers.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iOS and Android devices.

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