Best Square Enix Switch Games (That Aren’t Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy)

Best Square Enix Switch Games (That Aren’t Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy)

Best Square Enix Switch Games That Aren’t Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy

The number of Square Enix Switch games out there is pretty insane. There are tons of new and ported installments in established series appearing alongside entirely new titles. There are so many that someone could probably overlook a real gem. Especially if people only tend to think of Dragon Quest (like Dragon Quest Builders 2) and Final Fantasy when they think of the developer and publisher. So let’s go over some of the other great games you might not know about, but really should play, from the company on the platform. (But seriously, also play Dragon Quest Builders 2.)

Octopath Traveler Best Square Enix Switch games

Best Square Enix Switch Game with Multiple Protagonists:
Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler is very effective at introducing a lot of characters, making them all appealing, and encouraging the player to build them all up with various classes. It’s a title that makes you want to explore to see what people’s unique actions can do. Also, while everyone is doing their own thing and you probably want to see where those threads go, it’s also really fun when everyone finally comes together and you see other plot threads.

Best Square Enix Switch Games That Aren’t Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy Harvestella

Best Square Enix Game with Farming Elements:

Harvestella isn’t perfect, but it is still such a good time. There’s a good balance between the farming and action-RPG elements. The characters are pretty good. You have a nice assortment of classes for your avatar, which let you go between melee fighters, ranged attackers, and mages. The art direction is fantastic too. But what really strikes me is how well it tells its story and the unexpected twists it takes.

Review: Dungeon Encounters is Made for the Switch

Most Challenging Square Enix Switch Game: Dungeon Encounters

If you’ve been wanting to scratch that Etrian Odyssey itch and play a turn-based RPG that makes you map dungeons, make smart choices to survive, and really push yourself, Dungeon Encounters is it. It makes you work to uncover its story, build up its characters, and survive. Should you put that effort in, you’ll find an absolutely engrossing game that forces you to make smart decisions.

Chrono Cross Radical Dreamers

Best Square Enix Satellaview Port on the Switch:
Radical Dreamers: Le Tresor Interdit in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

I am never going to stop talking about how in 2022, we ended up getting a localized Square Enix sound novel originally released on the Nintendo Super Famicom Satellaview on major platforms. But here it is! The Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger-adjacent additional story starring Kid, Serge, and Magil going to face Lynx! It’s so cool!

Various Daylife

Best Square Enix Switch Game to Ignore: Various Daylife

This should in no way have been a long and extensive game. It is supposed to take over 30 hours, but it’s a tedious trek to explore a new place on an exploration team. Not to mention it clearly doesn’t feel like it was made with the Switch in mind. Its Apple Arcade roots are showing. (Even then, it probably would have been more fun on the DS or 3DS.)

xNEO TWEWY Producer Says No ‘Current Plans’ for New Game

Most Fashionable Square Enix Switch Game: NEO The World Ends with You

Given NEO The World Ends with You released about 14 years after the original game, you’d have to wonder if it’d still nail the ambiance and aesthetic. It does! This game is amazing! It still brings Shibuya to life. It honors the fashion of the area with its equipment and pins. The character designs are still absolutely gorgeous and give us more style icons. It’s a beautiful game and, even if we never see another entry in this series again, having it and the original TWEWY are enough.

live a live preview distant future

Best Square Enix Remaster or Remake on the Switch:
Live a Live

I’ll admit this one could have gone a lot of ways. Square Enix is very good at bringing its existing games to other systems. We know from titles like Tactics Ogre: Reborn and Trials of Mana that it is willing to go out of its way to make sure revivals work out well. But this is Live a Live! It’s one of the lost Super Famicom treasures, and it is finally available everywhere. Not to mention it uses that new HD-2D style Square Enix dabbles with in a sublime way. We’re playing a piece of history with some quality of life adjustments and a stunning new look, and it’s great.

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