Hololive Vtuber IRyS New Kimono Model Revealed

Hololive Vtuber IRyS New Kimono Model Revealed

Hololive Vtuber IRyS New Kimono Model Revealed

January 13, 2023 marked the official reveal of a new model for Hololive Vtuber IRyS, giving the performer her first kimono. First teased with a silhouette back on January 11, 2023, it offers a new outfit option. During a special stream, she went over the details of the outfit.

After first showing off some of people’s guesses as to what the new kimono model might look like, IRyS did the official reveal. First, she offered an overview of the outfit as a whole. After that, she focused on different elements of the attire. She showed off the ornaments, which attached to her horns. IRyS noted the range of movement the model offered, showing how high or low her arms could be raised. She also pointed out the new background and setting to go with it. After that, she removed the overlays to offer a better look at both the background and kimono.

Here is the full IRyS kimono stream. After the 45 minute mark, she reveals her new look. As usual, her character designer redjuice created the outfit.

This isn’t the first time the Vtuber got a new look in the last few months. IRyS also got a new 2022 Winter Version model back on November 26, 2022.

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