Sales Figures for Persona 5 Royal Surpass 3.3 Million Units

Sales Figures for Persona 5 Royal Surpass 3.3 Million Units

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According to a Famitsu message from Atlus, sales figures for the remastered ports of Persona 5 Royal surpassed a million units. It achieved this milestone within a month. Including that million, Atlus has now sold a total of 3.3 million copies of Persona 5 Royal worldwide. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Persona 5 Royal originally came out in 2019 for Japan and 2020 for North America on the PS4. However, Atlus ported it to five different platforms on October 21, 2022. So, between October 21, 2022 and November 21, 2022, the remastered ports for Persona 5 Royal sold over a million units worldwide. This number includes sales of Persona 5 Royal on all non-PS4 platforms around the world.

The ports of Persona 5 Royal selling over a million copies is not an unprecedented incident. When Persona 4 Golden appeared on Windows PC via Steam, it also sold a million copies. The number for Persona 4 Golden’s lifetime sales will likely increase after the additional ports of the game come out on January 19, 2023.

Persona 5 Royal was the updated version of Persona 5, which originally came out in 2016 on the PS4. Aside from minute changes to the script, there was a plethora of additional content, ranging from new social links to a new endgame dungeon. It also added Kasumi Yoshizawa and Goro Akechi as permanent playable party members. The ports of the game come with all of the DLC, such as costumes and Personae.

Persona 5 Royal is readily available on the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC. There is no free PS4 to PS5 upgrade for the game. You can read our review of the Nintendo Switch port here.

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