Sony Motivates Japanese Students in New PS5 Ad Campaign

Sony Motivates Japanese Students in New PS5 Ad Campaign

PS5 Japanese ad campaign

As exam season rolls around for the winter finals in Japan, Sony decided to motivate the Japanese high school students with a very particular ad campaign for the PS5. The official PlayStation Japanese Twitter account released a series of motivational images depicting a student deep in their study, using a schoolbook issued by the fictional “PlayStation University.”


This new PS5 ad campaign consists of a series of motivational pictures aimed at Japanese students. In them, a Japanese high school student shows the camera her school manual on “play courses." The cover of the book describes the content as “methods to win, strategies, past questions, and answers.” It also shows that particular edition has been in print for the last 28 years, coinciding with the Japanese release date of the original PlayStation in December 3, 1994.

Unfortunately, this school subject isn’t real. Once the student opens the book, it is revealed to be a hollow box with a PS5 controller inside. This is PlayStation’s way of motivating the Japanese high school students, currently knee deep studying for their their winter finals, some preparing for the university entrance exams.

At Sony’s recent CES 2023 press conference, the company revealed that Sony had sold over 30 million PS5 units. CEO Jim Ryan promised that, moving forward, PS5 units would be easier to find at retailers globally.

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